Israeli Wine Lovers Meetup – Wine and Cheese!

Tomorrow (Dec. 15th) I will be at the Israeli Wine Lovers event Wed. night at 7 p.m. to present some cheeses, TBA, but all delicious, of course!
Avi Ashman, the organizer, is a member of my New York Cheese Lovers Meetup. Read below and RSVP @

Start the New Year with Robust and Succulent Israeli Merlot, Part 1 (K)
Wed 7:00 PM
Nanoosh Hummus Bar
171 Madison Avenue
New York, NY
(212) 447-4345

Who’s hosting?
Avi Ashman, Gary, and Raphael Sutton

$36.00 per person
refund policy
. Many describe Israeli Merlot as robust and powerful; others hardly distinguish them from Cabernet Sauvignon in blind tasting. But all agree that they are GREAT. With so many wonderful wines to sample in one night, we decided to conduct a two part survey of Kosher Israeli Merlot… Join us for the two-part series and pay only $65.

All wines and foods, during the tasting, are Kosher.

Sit back, relax and join other wine lovers at the Israeli Wine of the Month Club’s interactive wine tasting experience.

What is interactive wine tasting?

* Several wonderful Israeli wines will be explored. Cheese, crackers, fruit and organic hummus also served.
* Our panel will describe each wine and guide you in exercising your palate tasting them
* You will be encouraged to voice your opinion about each wine and write elaborate notes — be Robert Parker, Tom Stevenson or Daniel Rogov for a night… Every opinion counts !
* We will collect everyone’s tasting notes and distribute them via a newsletter. The newsletter will also include professional tasting notes as well as detailed descriptions of the wineries, and more…

When? December 15, 2010 at 7PM
Where? Nanoosh Organic Hummus Bar
171 Madison Avenue (between 33rd and 34th streets)
New York, NY 10016-5110

How much? $36 at door for a single event, $65 for both tastings
RSVP by December 14, 2010 (space is limited)

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