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New Milk on the Block

“Where does cheese come from?” The answer is milk! Every (dairy) cheese must come from a mother’s milk. But there are so many incarnations of milk on the market that the true source can get obscured.   Milk can be pasteurized, … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Cheese: Not just for farmers anymore

After struggling with making Mascarpone for over a month with limited success, I was scared to try to make farmer’s cheese. It sounded simple enough: Boil milk. Add in vinegar. Stir. Drain. Serve. What could go wrong? Well, as luck … Continue reading

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Manchego Makes Aliyah with Gilboa

It’s Israel’s birthday! What do you get an old country that is also young? Gilboa—a modern cheese with an ancient Spanish history. Manchego is a delicacy that the Spanish dreamed up, but that the Israelis recreated in Gilboa.  Named for … Continue reading

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Pomegranate Kosher Supermarket, January 2011

Back in January of this year, I met with Gabe Boxer, the store manager at Pomegranate, a kosher supermarket in Brooklyn. My husband, Patrick Repsher (a.k.a. the Jersey Jenius) filmed this spontaneous interview and wrote a song for the occasion! Along … Continue reading

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Going Grey the French Way

WARNING! Not all cheese in this post is kosher. Only the Israeli Barkanit cheese mentioned at the end. I posted this here anyhow because the non-kosher French background shows where the Brakin brothers of Barkanit Dairy got their inspiration for their … Continue reading

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