Put a Hop, Skip and a Jump in Your Cheese!

Natural & Kosher's Muenster--great with or without brew!

Sometimes the best wine for a cheese is a beer! Beer is the seasonal choice for a fall cheese platter.
Can beer be kosher? Yes, it can. Although each and every beer may not bear a kosher symbol, it is widely accepted that beer is inherently kosher. Beer is typically made from all kosher ingredients such as water, barley, yeast, and hops. Beers that fall within kosher boundaries include most beers from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. Beer is naturally food-friendly and can handle a wide range of cheeses.
However, brews such as stouts, flavored beers, and barley wine may require certification because of possible colorings or even contact with non-kosher wine yeasts. Some beers also use filtering agents such as gelatin and fish products, which raise halachic concerns. Stouts may even contain dairy ingredients.
Before downing that cold one, consult your rabbi or mashgiach, but chances are your beer will meet with a nod of approval. Next you must only choose a quality kosher cheese to go with it!
Some of the most easy-going cheeses for pairings are tangy sharp Cheddar by Les Petites Fermières, buttery Muenster by Natural & Kosher, and flavored cheeses like Sugar River Cheese’s Roasted Garlic and Onion White Cheddar.

The Cheese Mistress

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