Kosherfest 2014

kosherfestcheeseI am back in the Tri-State area! I was able to attend Kosherfest 2014 at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. More updates on the latest in kosher cheese to come, but for now here are a few pics from the show.

I came back with lots of goodies from the Natural & Kosher booth and was able to speak briefly to the CEO, Brigitte Mizrahi.
NK Kosherfest bag

Natural & Kosher cheeses are OK-D and cholov stam. You can recognize them by the red “kosher authority seal.”

N&K offers cheese in a variety of formats, including slices, shreds, sticks and grated tubs. I especially enjoyed the Swiss slices and the Sincerely Brigitte Jalapeno Cilantro, which can be seen on this Facebook page

Kosherfest 2014
Last but not least, I got a photo opp with my former manager Gabe Boxer from when I was a cheesemonger at Pomegranate (kosher specialty grocery) in Brooklyn. We are enjoying nougats from the French La Maison du Nougat at the Sterling Sales booth.

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