Kosher Horseradish Cheddar by The Good Life Cheese

Strange foods, pungent foods, spicy foods, and even disturbingly stinky foods have a mysterious appeal. Is it nostalgia? Is it the dare factor? Is it “seasoned” taste buds on a quest for the next thrill? The answer could lie in that hazy moment suspended between repugnance and pleasure when a palate wonders: “Is this good or bad?” Taste it again and again to decide – until the sheer ambiguity becomes delightful.

IMG_0439Eating horseradish is one such experience; it is a love-it-or-hate-it foodstuff that is ingrained in Jewish culture. It has a place on the seder plate as the bitter herb maror; it is an accompaniment to gefilte fish; and it now shows up in kosher cheese!

When I worked at Pomegranate (kosher specialty supermarket) in Brooklyn, I got to experience horseradish grating first hand. “No, you can’t go in the kitchen!” a co-worker warned. “Nobody is allowed in the kitchen for three hours.” I peaked in the door window and a big burly Israeli cook – tough enough to have served in the IDF – was no match for the pungent smell and burning sting of horseradish. He was wearing a gas mask, leaning over an industrial mixer, scraping the precious horseradish into the bowl.


Yiddish proverb from “Az der vorem zitst in khreyn, meynt er az es iz keyn zisers nito.” When a worm sits in horseradish, it thinks there’s nothing sweeter.

The Good Life Cheese’s Horseradish Cheddar doesn’t require a gas mask, but it is decidedly hot—hotter than I perceive jarred horseradish, which usually strikes me as mildly hot and pungent. The Good Life Cheese starts off with a mellow base cheese flavor and a hint of pungency. Next comes an intense tingling and spice-driven heat that borders on a capsaicin experience. At the very end, the sharpness of the Cheddar comes out.

This cheese is excellent alone with crackers, on a tomato sandwich, or melted on whole grain bread for cheese toast. Perhaps kosher horseradish cheese pique interest in a milchig Pesach seder. Who wouldn’t enjoy a Hillel matzoh cheese sandwich with trimmings of Romaine lettuce? Warning: Keep hands away from eyes after eating this cheese. I learned from a mishap that Horseradish Cheddar can cause bitter tears!

GLCkosherThe Good Life Cheese’s Horseradish Cheddar is one of a large selection of kosher cheese varieties. Foodworks Cheese is out of Monsey, NY. It is certified by Rabbi Dovid Katz of Avenue L in Brooklyn, NY, and it is Kosher for Passover year round.

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