Chavrie Chèvre – No Pointy Pyramids Allowed!

Chavrie198Fresh French chèvre (young goat cheese) comes in many shapes and sizes. The most common incarnation is the log, and second to the log is the pyramid with a flattened top. Rumor has it that when Napoleon returned from his defeat in Egypt, he was served one of the common pyramid-shaped cheeses. He became so enraged that he lopped off the top with his sword.

Chavrie goat is one such pyramid cheese. It is extremely mild and so soft, it spreads like a dream. It’s a very easy-going cheese that is suitable for beginners and goat aficionados alike. The packaging reflects the four-cornered pyramid shape. Turn the cheese upside down, remove the plastic base cover, and voilà! It’s ready to turn back over and plate.


The perfect breakfast cheese.

Fresh, unaged goat cheese typically has a crisp tangy taste to accompany the gentle milk flavors. It is an excellent cheese to serve with fruit and goes great with Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, or sparkling wines.

Explore any goat cheese section at the grocery store and you will find many with a kosher hechsher. While not all are accepted by all groups, there are many to be had. On the ultra-hechshered end is Natural & Kosher’s line of cholov yisroel/Circle K goat cheeses also supervised by Rabbi Weissmandl. On the other end are the Tablet K cheeses. While Chavrie’s logs are certified OU-D and made in the U.S., they pyramids are not. They are imported from France; the original plain Chavrie once OU-D, but now it is under Triangle K-D. The sweet basil pyramid is under the OU-D.

Bottom line – this is really yummy, uncomplicated goat cheese, but check the hechsher to make sure it works for your brand of kosher. When in doubt, ask your rabbi, of course!

Elizabeth Bland, The Cheese Mistress

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