Cream Cheese Bonanza! In an Array of Flavors

creamcheese06I eat cream cheese every day. “Bland,” some call it. Well, that’s my last name, so no wonder I enjoy this cheese so much—in all its configurations, ranging from cheesecake to cheeseballs to fried jalapeño poppers. Over the past few years, Kraft Philadelphia has come out with some interesting flavored cheeses, including reduced fat and fat free options.

I was recently appointed to cream cheese and bagel set-up for the weekday minyan Torah services. The rabbi wanted something more interesting than just plain cream cheese and gave me a modest budget. I ended up going for the usual cream cheese (whipped Temp Tee seems to be a favorite) plus some flavored cheeses and a creamy chèvre.


Rabbi Benzaquen chatting with the early morning minyan crew over cream cheese, bagels, and lox spread.

I got very serious about this. I love all cheeses and love when people love cheese.

The first week I tried out the Philadelphia Roasted Pecan and Sweet Honey in a tub. This cheese disappeared in moments – and even on Everything bagels. People ate this up. Also popular the next week was Pineapple. I have several others waiting in the wings.

I love the milky, slightly tangy – and very comforting – flavor of the cream cheese combined with different ingredients. The sweet ones are like ice cream; you can eat them with a spoon.

creamcheesegroup57Check out the flavored cheeses on your shelf, or create your own! Cream cheese is pliable and neutral enough to host a variety of whims.

Philadelpha is OK-D. Temp Tee is OU-D. Both are cholov stam. J &J brand is cholov yisroel and comes in several formats, including a vegetable cheese with celery, carrots and scallions.

Here is a Jewish dairy joke that my rabbi told at minyan:

A landsman from the city goes to visit his fellow landsman in the country to check out his new barn.

“I’ve got a cross between a Guernsey and a Holstein,” the farmer said. “I call it a ‘Goldstein’.”

The city landsman replies, “What? So does it give sour milk?”

“No. Instead of going ‘Moo’ it goes ‘Nu’!”


Elizabeth Bland, The Cheese Mistress

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