Alouette Gentille Alouette


My two favorites…Italian and Mexican style.

Alouette cheese, je te mangerai! I will eat you! Which is what cheese is there for, right?

The name Alouette means “lark” in French. The song–which every French student must learn at some point–is a story about a bird singing at dawn and waking people up. In revenge, the bird gets plucked by the angry sleepers.

Although that image is not so pleasant, I can’t eat Alouette cheese without getting the song stuck in my head.

Alouette80Most of Alouette’s cheeses are kosher, OU-D, cholov stam. My latest favorite is the 8-pack line of tiny spreadable squares in different flavors. They are only 40 calories with 3 grams of fat. My two favorite flavors are Parmesan & Basil, and Garden Salsa, each with a touch of yogurt for extra tang and texture.

The other flavors are Garlic & Herb, and Cucumber & Dill.

Alouette91They are meant to be eaten almost like “triangle” cheeses – something you toss in your lunch bag or have for a quick snack on a cracker. I don’t eat them that, though. I add them to frozen dinners or mashed potatoes for extra oomph. The cheeses make everything just that much fluffier and creamier, and without a huge calorie and fat deficit. They are also good on sandwiches in place of mayo.

“Little Cheese Spread, Big Flavor,” as their slogan goes.

Elizabeth Bland, The Cheese Mistress

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