Cannoli Hamantaschen with Ricotta and Cream Cheese


Image courtesy of The Nosher

Cheese finds a role on the Purim shpil stage in fluffy cannoli hamantaschen fillings with chocolate. This sweet marriage makes sense; in her blog post for The Nosher, Sheri Silver describes growing up in a Jewish and Italian neighborhood in Brooklyn. There, culinary traditions collide and create an array of “new takes” on old favorites, including Cannoli Hamantaschen. Regular cannoli is already easy to make with ricotta and cream cheese, two cheeses widely available in a kosher format, even cholov yisroel, but this filling also works for time-honored Jewish treats.


Image courtesy of The Nosher

Silver writes in her article “Cannoli Hamantaschen for Purim”: “Something about that sweet, creamy filling, rich chocolate chips and crunchy shell has always been the trifecta of what a dessert should be. So why not put that delicious filling into an iconic Jewish pastry–hamantaschen!”

Click on this My Jewish Learning / The Nosher link for a step-by-step guide on how to assemble an Italian favorite, alla ebrea.

Happy Purim!

Elizabeth Bland, The Cheese Mistress

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