Elizabeth Bland, also known as the Cheese Mistress, has worked with cheese in general since 2000, and with kosher cheese since 2006. In Texas, she was a sales associate in the cheese department for a specialty foods retailer as well as a cheese educator for the University of Texas at Austin. She moved to New Jersey where she worked in cheese marketing for an international importer and wrote cheese articles for both trade and consumer publications. She is currently the resident “cheesemonger” at Pomegranate, a gourmet kosher marketplace in Brooklyn. She also conducts cheese classes at cheese and wine tasting events, holiday functions, and private parties. Her listings of kosher cheeses can be found at http://www.kcheese.com, and her notes on all cheese are at http://www.cheesemistress.com.


3 Responses to About

  1. mo says:


    wonderful! Thank you. can’t wait try home-made farmers cheese……should be good in blintzes?

    Love your cheesy hat…you look so pretty in it!

    Thanks, mo

  2. Deb says:

    hey cheese punim — is sugar river cheese still in business. when i look for them, your name POPS up.

    • No, Sugar River Cheese is no longer in business. (Sorry, by the way, for this extremely tardy reply!) Sugar River Cheese sold the cheeses to Natural and Kosher. They are under Sincerely, Brigitte. They come in long sticks now vs. square shapes. Sincerely, Brigitte sells the most popular of Sugar River, plus has added a few flavors as well.

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