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Kiss My Kosher Cheese Grits!


Grits aren’t so photogenic, but they taste great!

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New Milk on the Block

“Where does cheese come from?” The answer is milk! Every (dairy) cheese must come from a mother’s milk. But there are so many incarnations of milk on the market that the true source can get obscured.   Milk can be pasteurized, … Continue reading

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Farmer’s Cheese: Not just for farmers anymore

After struggling with making Mascarpone for over a month with limited success, I was scared to try to make farmer’s cheese. It sounded simple enough: Boil milk. Add in vinegar. Stir. Drain. Serve. What could go wrong? Well, as luck … Continue reading

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Sweet Mini Peppers Stuffed with Kosher Goat Cheese and Herbs

The first thing that caught my eye about sweet mini peppers was their bright color. Then their size. Then the snazzy bag with the cute built-in handle. When I saw the recipe for peppers stuffed with goat cheese, I was sold. I picked up … Continue reading

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